“You can make anything by writing.” ― C.S. Lewis

About Emily

Storytelling is a part of who I am. I collect people’s stories, they gift them to me. I link together these memories, these stories, these experiences, making them into a chain, a necklace, something to adorn and hold onto.

This little spot is my home to write, and observe, and share, and hopefully — connect with anyone who visits here. I write about — anything. A lot of it is momming, a lot of it is my family, a lot of it is navigating life as a sensitive and empathetic person in a world where those traits are not always viewed as strengths.

I believe in love, I believe in kindness, I believe in laughing until you’re making strange barking seal noises with happy tears running down your cheeks. I believe in encouraging people to be who they want to be, free from fear or rules. I believe in being silly, goofy, wild – and never ever quite growing up. I believe life is hard, no matter who you are or where you come from, and I believe that the best gift we’ve all been given is each other, and the chance to listen, to learn, and to evolve.

I hope you stick around.

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I am finally living my dream life, working in a creative field. For years, I was an office drone working 8-5 M – F. Luckily, in fall 2020, I was able to return to one of my first loves — dance and movement education. By day, I am a dance studio manager who takes care of the ins and outs of competitions, schedules, costumes, and keeping parents happy. By night, I teach dance and body positive movement classes to adults and children alike. After years of feeling stifled and anxious in the corporate world, working with kids and the arts feels so freeing and finally has me excited about my career again!

In 2013, I married my dream man, Shaun, at a winery in the late October sunshine. He is hardworking, funny, and creative, and we make a good team. Our goal is always to make sure the other has a good day — or at least the best day possible. He’s a beertender in a local brewery, and an independant digital artist, and after 11 years together and 7 years married, we still make each other laugh more than anyone else.

I gave birth to our first child, a sweet baby girl named Ariadne (Ari), in July 2016. She is clever, sweet, and funny — and keeps us on our toes.

We also claim our little fur-baby, our bobtailed cat named Fiddle, but whom we consistently call Kitty, MissMiss, FiddleBit, and Fiddle in the Middle. Ari needed a sweet kitty of her own, so our family is complete (for now!) with our orange kitten Babu.

 shaun and me
engagement kiss
View More: http://rachaelhouser.pass.us/suh-weeks-family
View More: http://rachaelhouser.pass.us/suh-weeks-family
View More: http://rachaelhouser.pass.us/suh-weeks-family
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I love: Listening to my music so loud I can feel it in my chest. Being still among the trees. Swimming and sunshine and creek stomping. Stretching until I feel the burn. Coloring, and painting, and making mistakes and starting over again.  Looking at the stars each evening, and following the progress of the moon. Binge-watching Netflix like any red-blooded American.  Dancing to bluegrass in an open field. Surprising someone with my turn of phrase. Tacos and salsa and maybe one too many margaritas. Getting a laughing fit in public so loud that other people turn their heads to look. Falling asleep in my husband’s arms on the couch. Rolling the windows down and singing along to the radio with my best girls. Building people up and making them feel special. Challenging how people think and act and what they accept point blank, and what they do not.

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Lake Glendale Z-ROMP-6lauren and me riding horsesfierce lady tribe
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girls being girls

View More: http://rachaelhouser.pass.us/suh-weeks-family