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Til Death Do Us Parker.

Another opportunity to document the life of one of my favourite families!

I unofficially snapped some pictures at Emily the Sister’s bridal shower a few weeks ago, and as I expected, the time flew and her wedding day arrived!

I’ve known Emily almost as long as I’ve known her brother Travis, and I’ve known her fiance-now-husband Richard since my college days. Sometimes, two people who were both in your life but in completely different ways end up coming together — and as I told Emily yesterday, I’m so happy two people I love found love together, and doubled up the love in my life.

Emily had asked if I would mind coming to take some pictures of her and her girls getting ready, and then after, Richard and his guys, and of course, I agreed! Any opportunity to get some practice in is welcome, and I felt honored to get to watch Emily get ready, spend the morning with her. She and her girls got ready in Paducah Bed and Breakfast, which was a beautiful place to explore, full of high ceilings and antique furniture. Richard and his guys got ready at Emily and Travis’ dad’s house — which he had just decorated for Halloween — quite impressively, I might add. The spooky setting made quite the entertaining back-drop for their getting ready pictures.

Biggest lesson learned this time around? Battery back-up! Battery life was not really something I’ve had to worry about much — I seldom shoot for much longer than an hour, maybe two. And if I do — I’m shutting the camera off for long spells in between. Luckily — the camera battery lasted all day long, through Emily and the girls’ pictures, through Richard and the guys — what I had agreed to cover in a more formal photography sense. I didn’t even think about charging the camera after I picked up Shaun from work, had a shower, started to get ready. So — we got to the ceremony sight, I manged to snap a few of my dance company girls and myself, our dear friends Dawn and Barb, a few of the beginning of the ceremony and then —battery exhausted.

In all honesty, it was kind of nice. I’d been snapping pictures for several hours at that point, I’d worked at seven AM, and had run all over town getting lunch for the girls, picking up Shaun, getting ready. I regret not getting more pictures of Emily and Richard at the ceremony and reception, or of sweet Jack and Nae, killin’ on the dance floor with Teegan, or any of Shaun and Jack’s amazing dance moves…but I really got to enjoy being a guest at the wedding, and not a documentarian. Emily had an amazing photographer to cover the event, and for once, I wasn’t worried about trying to wait for the right moment to snap a picture. I just got down and boogied, cheered loud for the couple, and had a great time.

Congratulations, Richard and Emily!

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