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Louisville Girls’ Weekend.

Emi, Jeannie, and I have made it a little tradition to visit Louisville for a weekend, somewhere around Jeannie’s birthday. Poor Jeannie has a January birthday, and most of us are a little grumpy around this winter month — so we try and take a trip to create a bit of excitement, to one of our favourite cities for a little window shopping, a little walking around the city, and a fair bit of eating.

This year’s trip was a little slow-moving — I, of course, am pregnant, and besides the usual first trimester  exhaustion, I’ve been having fairly significant dizzy/vertigo spells off and on. Nothing to worry about — it’s fairly common, but I do have to take it easy. Emi brought sweet little Jude (SB) with us, which requires some special care, and poor baby Jude came down with a bit of a cold over the weekend — she was bright and chipper and smiley considering she felt bad — but she did require a fair amount of nose-cleaning — which made her furious — and some extra love and snuggles.

Despite that — we had a nice time! My lovely dance company best friend and bridesmaid, Maggie, graciously lets us crush at her place Friday night through Sunday morning, and, as Emi put it, plays city mouse to our country mice, and shows us all the nice shops with funky art, handmaid jewelry, antique furniture, and cool clothing. We also got to meet up with my former roommate and best friend, Jenny, as well as long-time friend from elementary school, Shadea. It’s just a lovely time of girls, laughing, and taking it easy as we explore a cool city.

Some of the places we visited – some of which are featured in the pictures:

Grape Leaf  – our traditional spot for just-into-town dinner — lots of vegetarian options, including falafel, Greek salad, and of course, hummus.

Cafe Mimosa/Eggroll Machinewe tried to go to a different pho place but Cafe Mimosa is just too good! Big open space with awesome people-watching windows, incredible pho or sushi or shrimp rolls or potstickers or crab rangoon or pretty much anything your little heart might desire to bolster you for an afternoon of shopping. 

Please and Thank Youa cool combination coffee and record shop! Some of the girls needed caffeine, and I browsed their new and used record combination. Maggie also got a chocolate chip cookie to share, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. 

Revelry probably one of my favourite places we visited this weekend! Walking into Revelry was like walking into Etsy come to life — homemade jewelry, a variety of art, clothing, furniture, soaps, essential oils. They feature a small art gallery in the back, and we took the time to wander through some paintings and prints.

Scout fancy furniture, clothing, jewelry, and more! Definitely a place for window shopping, although we found a few things within our price rage. A fun place to dream and imagine your dream home.

Red Treeanother cool store full of twists and turns, one room beyond the next — with tons to see — from antique and refinished furniture to night lights and potpourri.

Peace on Earththe most important thing you need to know about this store is that I found a brand new, amazing scent of soap called jasmine rose and came home with two bars of it.

Carmichael’s Bookstorea must-visit for us when we go to Louisville. Such a unique bookstore, half the size of a Books-a-Million but with triple the selection of books: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biography, cook books, and a sizable children’s section. I always try to limit myself to just 2 or 3 books, but it’s hard not to come home with half the store!

Just Creationsanother must-visit! Just Creations is a store full of crafts — baskets, wall hangings, soaps, stationary, jewelry, dress, toys, food and seasonings, and it comes from all over the world. As a non-profit, the proceeds go back to low-income women all over the world to help better their circumstances — all fair trade. So not only do we get beautiful things, we feel good about buying them.

Safeir we can’t not eat at Safeir while we’re in Louisville, it’s just too good. A Middle-Eastern deli, we eat our fill of falafel, shish tawook, lentil soup, Greek salad — and all of it tastes so fresh and delicious. In warmer times, we sit on the street and people-watch the downtown traffic, but snuggled up at the back was just as fun.

Comfy Cowice cream! So many kinds of ice cream! What more do you need to know?

Nancy’s Bagel Groundsa new restaurant for us this time! We met Shadea here for a quick brunch before leaving town due to snow and freezing temperatures. It was hard to pick just one bagel and cream cheese from their long list, but each of us loved their choice. Emi and I also sampled their fruits smoothies which was a nice start to the day! They also had sandwiches, salads, and a Nutella latte I regretfully passed on this time — can’t wait to go back!


If you find yourself in Louisville any time soon, be sure to visit some of these spots!

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Sorrow & Memory

Sometimes memories are beautiful simply because we know how damaged we were in that moment, that hour, that day – and in the present, we can look back on that former version of ourselves and understand what even still was waiting for us. How we managed to blunder through and come out the other side breathing.

I think back to a dorm room with sickly florescent light, knowing how lonely and sad my little sister was to be there, and how desperately she was trying to fake it for my mom. How we both were. I remember a store-bought chocolate cake eaten on university supplied couches, the fabric scratchy under our hands, catching on our clothes. I remember the empty hollowness that followed us around all day even though it was a remarkably warm day for January, the sun bright. We fawned over books and beads and Greek food as we always did, but we did it with the knowledge that we were all kind of bruised and limping. All of us faking it just because even one of us giving up and lying down on the side walk, please no more,  would have given the other two permission to do the same. The car ride home, just my mom and me, both of us trying to play at normal and both of us just tired. So tired.

Funny how time goes on. Funny how you can think you were completely exhausted and at the end of your rope with no more drive to try. Funny how you do keep on trying because what the hell else are you going to do.  Giving up would be weakness, the one weakness we crave more than anything. Not being weak becomes the only lifeline we have left to hold.

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